Sunday, September 7, 2008


This week has been our hardest week since we arrived in Honduras.

We had to teach our class, the kinder, as well as the first grade; eight kids total for two days this week. Mary, the other volunteer at the orphanage was sick, so we had to teach her class. To sum it up, it was not an easy task!! The kids were running mad, jumping off tables and swinging on the curtains. In short, it was crazy…

 Other than a few large outbursts from our kids, our teaching and our learning is getting better. We are beginning to understand the children more, and they are understanding us. Alison is glad we talk a lot of English with them, that way they learn both English and Spanish.

The middle of the week seemed to go okay as far as class goes, and it was looking up for us, but Friday was again a madhouse. We had to barricade the doors with tabels so that our kids wouldn’t be able to leave the room. Santos, Maynor, and Joel were running around, so Cheyanne and I colored with Carolina the whole two hours. Patience is really beginning to grow on me… It’s about time!! Lame joke… I know! :] But Friday got better when we all played a great game of baseball. It was bloody hot outside, but our team did great! The rules are a little different than back home though. Instead of having to have the ball in your hand and tag them to get them out, you just lug the ball at them while they are running to the base. A mix of baseball and dodge-ball. Good thing the ball we softer then regular ones back home!

Saturday was a well deserved day off. Cheyanne, Ennie, Danni, Mary, Tyler, Lisa, and I hitched to our favorite river spot, and spent the morning and afternoon relaxing in the cold waterfalls and warm sun. I feel so relaxed and ready to take on the next week.

Cheyanne is just getting over some stomach problems. She hasn’t felt well these past few days, but seems to be doing better. 

Well, Lisa is back from her travels, and is moving in with us on Tuesday. We will have a full house by the end of the month. I believe we will have 7 people there at one time. That is a lot of people in three rooms! 

Well, we are ready to take on another week, wish us luck!!

P.S. - We put some pictures of our home and our kids at the orphanage on our web album. So feel free to check them out!!!

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