Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is the Real Thing

I think today I have just realized that this is the real thing. I have realized that it IS going to happen, and that is isn't just an awesome dream of mine to go... It's happening!!

A few days ago, we mailed out over 150 fliers to family and friends all over Utah and Arizona asking for donations and support. I also mailed some out to a lot to my old ward in Mesa.
i talked to the owner of the "Downtown St. George Festival" and she has agreed to set up a booth for Chey and I to sell our "Drawing" tickets. She told me that although "Raffles" are illegal, "Drawings" are not, so I have been converted. That takes place Thursday, June 5. We will also have a live mic from one of the local radio stations present so that our drawing results can be broadcasted on live radio. We are currently looking for a large grand prize for the drawing as an incentive for people to want to buy more tickets. I have in my mind something like a t.v. or an iPod. Something to get more than just your everyday donators, but the kids and teenagers involved too. We talked to Walmart today, and I have to call back on Mon. and talk to a woman named Jo about the donation. But I will see if it will be possible to get her to donate an older discounted t.v. or an iPod. I will take anything at this point. We also talked to Office Max, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Home Depot as well. A few of them might turn out to be able to donate, but because of corporate policies, it could take longer than we have to get a donation. But one grand prize and just some smaller gift cards and small gifts would be great. It might just come down to us having to buy an iPod, and hope it pays for itself with the drawing, but I have high hopes for Walmart and some of the other stores to come through for us.
I have found a lot of people here locally to be very supportive and giving of our cause. Cheyanne's mother Cindy talked to the man that owns the gas station and car wash here in Santa Clara, and he is willing to hold a day for us to sell car washes for donations, and have us keep all the proceeds. I can see that helping us a lot. Especially if we get on the air with the local t.v. station KCSG as well. I am going to start working on getting some dates finalized, so that we can have set times and dates with the different events that we now have going on.
I am trying to leave for my hometown Mesa, Arizona tomorrow. I don't know if it is going to for sure happen or now, but I know what talking to some of my old friends, businesses, and just people in general, I might be able to get more donations. I am leery however of having to spend a whole week without work, now that it is crunch time for money. But if I work hard on donations, I can see it paying off in the end.

Well, that pretty much brings you up to date with the events happening. If anyone has ANY suggestions, feel free to email me at I am very open to new and fresh ideas on preparing to go.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting Underway

Well, I have made my fliers that I will be passing out to people and businesses. It is hard to make people realize how important this is to us, and how much we need their donation.
I just found out today that St. George, Utah has restrictions on raffles. It is considered an "Illegal form of gambling." I have to contact the city and get a permit to have one held. I don't know if it is worth the time and money that it is going to take to get one going.

I have been going a little crazy, getting ready to go...

One awesome thing though is that a coworker of mine is making me a copy of Rosetta Stone so that we can learn as much Spanish before we go. It will be cheaper that way.

Other than that, nothing has really changed with the progress. Just wish me luck and keep us in your prayers!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Getting A Little Nervous

Well, I have been going a little crazy these past few days. I am realizing what this volunteer trip is going to cost. Cheyanne and I have met a few times these past few nights, crunching some numbers, and we are looking at about $4,000 EACH!! I know this isn't much for living abroad for six months, but it is still a lot for me to come up with.I have been planning a few fund raising things, but I am worried that I will still fall short.

I have been calling some friends and family to let people know what I am doing. A lot of people still don't know what I am planning on doing, so I am just letting them know my plans.

We are planning on leaving the first week in August. The 6th would be ideal, but since Honduras isn't exactly a tourist hot-spot, it is hard finding a flight that works with our plans.

Something a little neat happened the other day. Eve, the HHK volunteer coordinator, has introduced Chey and I to the other people that will be living with us in the volunteer house. As it turns out, we are the only US citizens that will be there at that time.
There is a very nice girl from Canada that is flying into Northern Mexico and finishing her journey to Honduras by backpacking her way through the different countries. She is a lot braver than I am! So she will arrive in July at the volunteer house.
There is a 19 year old girl from Germany that will be there from August till December. So she will be there for just about the same time period as us.
There is also a girl from the Netherlands. I really don't know much about her yet.
We are all emailing each other back and forth, getting to know each other before we will have to live together. I love the idea that we are the only American's there, so we will have to teach the others about Thanksgiving.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Getting Ready To Go...

As most may know, in August, my cousin Cheyanne and I will be quitting our jobs, selling our cars, leaving our family and friends behind and traveling into the jungles of Honduras to volunteer at an orphanage.

Why you may ask?
Because of many reasons. I have been preparing to serve a mission for my church for a few years now, and due to my history with depression, they have decided to "Honorably Excuse" me from serving. But since I have already been planning to drop my life for two years and serve, it was easy to decide to go to Honduras. Among other reasons, I have also always felt the need to reach out my hand, and help those that can't help themselves. And homeless children in South America just seem to fit the bill nicely.

What are my plans?
Well my plans are fairly simple. I plan to leave home in August and fly out of the Las Vegas, NV airport and arrive in the city San Pedro Sula where I will either ride a bus for 4 hours or fly for 20 minutes, I still haven't decided which one to La Ceiba. It is a city on the Caribbean Sea. I will then attend a language school for 2-4 weeks to learn Spanish and get me used to the area. On the weekends, the school takes the students on field trips around Honduras. Personally, I just want to hold a monkey. Then I will be okay! :D Then I then travel about 20 minutes into the jungle to a small village to which I have already forgotten the name and live in a volunteer house with the other volunteers. The house is just down the road in another village from the orphanage that I will be spending most of my time. I plan to stay in Honduras till about February. I am going with an open return date, depending on the experience and if I am ready to get home.

How Can I Afford It?
Honestly? How can I afford to not go? These kids have no parents, and are also not adoptable.
I have been making plans for a fund raiser soon, and hopefully that will help with some of the expences. We are asked to pay each our own way. Flights, food, rent at the volunteer house, and travel as well, not to mention unexpected troubles one is to expect in a foreign country.

What Will I Be Doing At The Orphanage?
All I know is that these kids, are indeed orphaned and most have not ever experienced having parents. The volunteers are the only family that these children will be able to experience.
I have been told by the volunteer coordinator that she has decided that she would like Cheyanne and I to work specifically with the younger group. Keep in mind that there are children from the ages of 6 weeks, to 16 years of age at this orphanage. Other than that, I will be doing whatever is asked of me.

I have included some pictures form their website. If you would like to visit HHK's website, click HERE!