Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally Starting At The Orphanage

It has been very interesting living here at the guest house while we attend the school. I cannot believe that we have been here for two weeks already!! I really love the people that we are living with. We have a guy named Alex that Chey happens to fancy very much, he is from Ireland and she is in love with his accent!! There is Ryan and Kristen, a young couple from Nebraska, a girl named Lisa from Germany, and of coarse the young woman that is native to Honduras that lives with us. Her name is Leyda. I'm not quite sure how to spell it, but she cleans the house, and cooks our meals. We have it made nicely here, she even does all our laundry!! (minus our undies... she would rather us clean them ourselves!! :D)

We also live right around the corner from Ennie, the German girl that we will be working with at the orphanage and living with. We all hang out on the weekends. We have even gone to the movies twice as a group. It is very cheap here for everything. Our dollar is worth almost 20 of their Limperas. We just call them Limps. for short. So as you can imagine, life is a lot cheaper here than in the U.S.A.

Well, Cheyanne and I gradumitated from spanish school. Lets just say that we have our work cut out for us! :] I am putting some pictures with us and our teacher Rocio. We have learned sooo much, but we still can't really talk to anyone in spanish. We know enough about spanish that we can teach ourselves from here on out. Plus we will have Lisa for the rest of the time here in Honduras, so she can teach us anything we need and be our translator!! 

I have to admit something. I did a lot of research online about Honduras, and I never expected it to be this beautiful here. Everything is soooo green and beautiful. Except the cities of coarse... even the nicest parts of town are very full of trash and not well kept. But that is more  the governments fault. The streets are very treacherous to walk on. Besides the large amounts of stupid and comicazy drivers, there are literally 2-6 foot pot-holes in the sidewalk and street. 

As for the weather? I miss the hundred degrees in Mesa compared to this humidity. I am actually getting customed to sweating all the time. As soon as you get out of the shower, even before you get dressed, there is sweat just dripping off of me. Everyone else is just as sweaty as I am, so it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

Something really neat was that Cheyanne, Lisa, and I got up very early Thurs. morning and caught a bus to Agua Caliente which is the VERY small village about a half hour out of La Ceiba. That is where the orphanage is. We spent the morning working with the children that we will be spending the majority of our time with the next five months. 

Well, first thing tomorrow, well today now that it is 2 am!!, is packing up and moving to the volunteer house in El Cacoa. It is a small village about a mile away from Agua Calienta. We spent the evening shopping for our last minute supplies, our food, and whatever else we needed for the week. We will not make it back into town for seven days, so we have to take EVERYTHING we need. 

Now that we are moving out to the middle of nowhere we will only have access to the internet when we come into town, and we can only do that on the weekends so you wont here that much from us but we will be fine. We will update it when we get a chance!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lo Siento

We were just notified by a family member that a post containing adult content was added to our blog. We wanted to post a sorry to those that recieved the email and those that view our blog and saw that content. It was not posted by us but by a hacker. We have taken care of the problem. Sorry again!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


We are now in the process of uploading all our photos onto a web sight. The blog takes WAY too long for even one photo, so we are using an outside webpage. 

Click the link below to go directly to our gallery

Feel free to look on there, we will be putting more and more photos on as we go. All we have on there at this moment is our trip to Copan. But we put some cool captions on them, explaining the photos, making them more interesting.

We are off to our first day of Spanish School. We really need all we can get, it is a little frustrating spending 10 minutes pointing and trying to talk to understand if we just liked milk with our breakfast... It was pretty funny. 

Well, wish us luck! We are sooo excited to be going to the orphanage so soon. 
We also might be volunteering at an orphanage just around the block in the mornings with another girl we are living with. It is an orphanage and school for handicapped children. We are starting tomorrow there. 

We love you all!!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our First Day In San Pedro Sula, Honduras

So today was my first day in Honduras! And wow its awesome and weird, we got up this morning just wanting to explore San Pedro so we walked down to the mall which is 4 blocks from where we are staying. We were both kinda freaked out cause we don't know spanish so we just looked around. Then we decided to take a taxi to this market down town, and let me tell you that their driving is SCARY!!!!! There is no such thing as stopping at stoplights or stop signs, there is alot of honking and if you are walking don't think that they will stop cause they wont. They will just run your butt over!!! 

Anyways when we went to the market I was still frustrated cause I am not able to understand them, but luckily we meet a man that can speak english that ran one of the shops his name is Tony. So we pretty much hung out there for a while. We decided that we wanted to go to the Copan Ruinas. So we asked Tony what the best way to get there was and he said car, and there was no way I was renting I hate driving in America I will not drive in Honduras. So he offers to take us so we went it was a two and a half hour drive there. I t was closed when we got there but somehow he talked them into letting us get in we just had to pay the guy 50 bucks(under the counter).
 So we toured the Ruinas and it was pretty cool, then we drove up the road a bit to Copan the city where we did a little shopping and ate at a little place on the side of the road we are not sure what kind of meat it was and Tony told us not to ask cause we probably didn't want to know!!! But it was pretty good, we then turned around and headed back for San Pedro we got back around ten o clock so it was a pretty long trip.
       There are already things I miss about the US which are:
           1) Hot Water(today was my first freezing shower not a fan!)
           2) Traffic Laws(no one here obeys them not even the cops SCARY!)
           3) No Passing Zones(cars would fly past you on a hill, a corner, anywhere, and anytime they wanted)
           4) Seatbelts(i had one in the taxi but the ride to the Ruinas it was like lost and I was skerred)
           5) English(i love understanding people)
           6) Modesty(i saw a woman breast feeding in the mall gross, and two young boys naked all in one day)
           7) Good Policeman(they will stop random cars here and "find something wrong with your car" then you would                  have to pay them 100 lampira which is about 5 dollars US and they will just pocket it! Awesome)

Their money compared to ours is crappy. We got lunch today at Church's Chicken and it was a value meal it costed $86.00 Lampira. Nathan got $400 Lampira out of the ATM and I calculated it out and it was only 21 dollars US money!! Pretty freaking awesome huh? Im like a Millionaire!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!
                  Well thats all for today I will update you when I get a chance.
        Bye people,  Cheyanne(Cha-Cha-, Chey-Nona, Cha-Chi, Chawny, Ciyan Pepper Nikolaus, Chubie, and Hooker)

                Oh and Nathan says Hi!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What A Day!!

This was the highlight of the day, watching the sunset from above the clouds.

Well, right now we are feeling a little down. We left Las Vegas this morning on a 8:15 flight to Detroit, Michigan, where we had a four hour layover.. or so we thought... Our plane was right on time to pick us up, but our crew was coming from a New York flight that was 45 minutes late caused us to miss our connecting flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. 
So after joining up with the rest of the people that were left, we began a riot in the terminal... Or that was what we wanted to do, I forget which one... 
Long story short, we are now in a Days Inn motel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We are now booked for the same flight Wednesday night. 
We are both very tired, so a good nights rest in our own KING size bed should help!

-Nate and Chey