Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Lullaby

Christmas Lullaby

Under a new star in the sky
On a bitter cold Christmas morn
Angels gathered in the heav’n
To sing, “Our King is born!”

The stable was as still as night
The sheep lie softly in the hay
Looking at their master and King
In Mary’s arms he lay

As he cried she rocked and sang
To him through all the night
With an angelic voice from God
Singing with all her might

She sang to him for all to hear
The shepherds and the sheep
The cattle turned their heads to see
The doves, not one peep

And when the angels from above
All joined in the lullaby
The sound was so glorious
Even Joseph had to cry

As the song came to an end
The sun began to bloom
Jesus closed his tiny eyes
As warmth filled the room

Now if you visit Bethlehem
And are up on Christmas morn
Just listen for that lullaby
Celebrating Jesus being born

- Nathan LeSueur

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