Monday, August 11, 2008


We are now in the process of uploading all our photos onto a web sight. The blog takes WAY too long for even one photo, so we are using an outside webpage. 

Click the link below to go directly to our gallery

Feel free to look on there, we will be putting more and more photos on as we go. All we have on there at this moment is our trip to Copan. But we put some cool captions on them, explaining the photos, making them more interesting.

We are off to our first day of Spanish School. We really need all we can get, it is a little frustrating spending 10 minutes pointing and trying to talk to understand if we just liked milk with our breakfast... It was pretty funny. 

Well, wish us luck! We are sooo excited to be going to the orphanage so soon. 
We also might be volunteering at an orphanage just around the block in the mornings with another girl we are living with. It is an orphanage and school for handicapped children. We are starting tomorrow there. 

We love you all!!!!!

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