Friday, August 8, 2008

Our First Day In San Pedro Sula, Honduras

So today was my first day in Honduras! And wow its awesome and weird, we got up this morning just wanting to explore San Pedro so we walked down to the mall which is 4 blocks from where we are staying. We were both kinda freaked out cause we don't know spanish so we just looked around. Then we decided to take a taxi to this market down town, and let me tell you that their driving is SCARY!!!!! There is no such thing as stopping at stoplights or stop signs, there is alot of honking and if you are walking don't think that they will stop cause they wont. They will just run your butt over!!! 

Anyways when we went to the market I was still frustrated cause I am not able to understand them, but luckily we meet a man that can speak english that ran one of the shops his name is Tony. So we pretty much hung out there for a while. We decided that we wanted to go to the Copan Ruinas. So we asked Tony what the best way to get there was and he said car, and there was no way I was renting I hate driving in America I will not drive in Honduras. So he offers to take us so we went it was a two and a half hour drive there. I t was closed when we got there but somehow he talked them into letting us get in we just had to pay the guy 50 bucks(under the counter).
 So we toured the Ruinas and it was pretty cool, then we drove up the road a bit to Copan the city where we did a little shopping and ate at a little place on the side of the road we are not sure what kind of meat it was and Tony told us not to ask cause we probably didn't want to know!!! But it was pretty good, we then turned around and headed back for San Pedro we got back around ten o clock so it was a pretty long trip.
       There are already things I miss about the US which are:
           1) Hot Water(today was my first freezing shower not a fan!)
           2) Traffic Laws(no one here obeys them not even the cops SCARY!)
           3) No Passing Zones(cars would fly past you on a hill, a corner, anywhere, and anytime they wanted)
           4) Seatbelts(i had one in the taxi but the ride to the Ruinas it was like lost and I was skerred)
           5) English(i love understanding people)
           6) Modesty(i saw a woman breast feeding in the mall gross, and two young boys naked all in one day)
           7) Good Policeman(they will stop random cars here and "find something wrong with your car" then you would                  have to pay them 100 lampira which is about 5 dollars US and they will just pocket it! Awesome)

Their money compared to ours is crappy. We got lunch today at Church's Chicken and it was a value meal it costed $86.00 Lampira. Nathan got $400 Lampira out of the ATM and I calculated it out and it was only 21 dollars US money!! Pretty freaking awesome huh? Im like a Millionaire!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!
                  Well thats all for today I will update you when I get a chance.
        Bye people,  Cheyanne(Cha-Cha-, Chey-Nona, Cha-Chi, Chawny, Ciyan Pepper Nikolaus, Chubie, and Hooker)

                Oh and Nathan says Hi!!

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